Reels and Lights

One 16mm projector. No film, 2 strobe lights, optical sound and light sensors. 30 min (time variable).


A tribute to the movie projector. The appearance of the cinematic apparatus in its simplest form, using intermitent light and shadows, silence and sound. This is a project of Pre- expanded cinema using a 16mm film projector as a research object.

The projector becomes the protagonist.


 A performance which refers to pre-cinema, theater of shadows and the illusion of primitive mechanisms ...



Not recommended for people with epilepsy.


Previous screenings:

  • Cinemateca Nacional de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela. 2011
  • Artist Television Acces (ATA Site) San Francisco, USA 2012
  • Black Hole Cinemateque, Oakland, CA, USA, 2012