And then the night

  • 4 x 16mm Projectors.
  • 15 loops of 1.35 cm of excerpts of the film When The Night.
  • 10 loops of 1.35 cm degraded black film manually.
  • 10 loops of 1.35 cm handmade painted transparent film.

The proposal of the Prop festival, was to combine Seward and Crater collective to make a specific project of musical and visual experimentation-improvisation. 


AND THEN THE NIGHT film performance is made using pattern blocks defined by actions more or less intense, where intervention is done trough constant improvised changes of loops, depending on the time of interaction of music / sound-image.


"The world is revealed to B through its inadequate imagination, which is maybe a paranoia, but just maybe.The growing accumulation of neural hindrances are displayed only in that prevailing REM, progressively covering those painful spasms of oniric stains. Would this be Grandma’s book’s fault?"



Juan R. BERBIN: Drums.

Martín LEITON: Contrabass.

Pablo SCHWARZMAN: Electric guitar and sound artifacts.

Adriano GALANTE: Voice, guitar and banjo.


May. 13

  •  Primavera Sound - Loop Festival - Screen Festival - Inaguración Exposición This is not a love song, 21/05/13

Past Screenings

      -    Festival De Prop, La Pedrera, Barcelona 2012