Aberration in RGB

3 projectors of 16mm / Loop Films / Optical sound. 30 min (variable time).



Aberration IN RGB is a film performance with three 16 mm film projectors prepared with 3 loops and live sound synchronized. This project builds on the basic mechanisms of cinema, the film and its materiality, the projector and harmonious synchrony between the color, light and sound.


Film loops meticulously burned and perforated as flicker, produce a rhythmic interaction. The texture of each microscope intervention appears amplified and overlapped letting light cross the melted film revealing the chemical secrets of celluloid…


The loop stops being a repetition to convert into a processes of transformation of light, letting color appear as essays of a chromatic distorted exploration. Sound is produced after light and color combining optical sound and light sensors generating a combination distorted synchrony 30 min. (variable time).

Previous screenings:

  • Artist Television Acces (ATA Site) San Francisco,USA 2012
  • Millenium Film, New York, USA, 2012